Software Solutions

At the core of our solutions and services, is the software we have developed and evolved over the years, since inception.We have an extremely able 40-member team, which thoroughly analyses the customers’ business problems and smartly converts them into workable applications. All this is done while keeping the customers’ basic business needs at the core of all things.

Over the years of our existence, we have developed competence in certain niche areas which have benefitted our customers.

Some of the niche applications we have developed include:


This is a customer communication management platform which integrates with corporate core systems to generate secure customer communication. The communication could be in the form of statements, letters, notices, policies, etc. Data in an encrypted form is an input to the application and the system generates processed output which is based on defined layouts, business needs, demographics and geographic conditions. Output is generated for print, email, web and mobile.

The application is robust enough to handle huge amounts of data to be processed across multiple output formats. A unique feature of this product is that it allows remote vendor access, which enables multiple vendors to generate outputs across a common layout system.

Moreover, it can handle multiple languages. Interactive PDF and dynamic HTML are some of the more recent outputs that this application generate. Cross selling and up selling capabilities are inherent part of this application.


A very crucial requirement for most organisations is that a communication that has been generated for a customer reaches that customer. Thus, tracking that communication becomes equally important. Communication can be through physical or electronic means. DLMS can be integrated with partner organisation systems (SMTP), SMS aggregators, etc. Today, there are some courier agencies that provide such features basis a portal access. Some emailing engines provide feedback basis an email that a customer receives. However, there is no single system that provides the corporate a single-window view of the various communications that are sent to a customer across multiple mediums, be it in the print or email format. It provides the organisation a single window for tracking and tracing a communication that is sent out to a customer. Deliverables Logistics Management System (DLMS) is our product that solves this very problem. It integrates multiple core systems at the organisational level as well as brings into play multiple vendor systems to provide the organisation a single interface access for such detailed information. What's more? It also integrates various CRM software applications as well as call centre applications where in-voice recordings can be stored and retrieved later. The application is also designed to manage vendor performance and provide various analytical and customer reports.

iOMS (Inventory & Order Management System)

iOMS is a web based application for inventory management to control, track and manage secured and non-secured products from indenting to consumption. A product with a unique reference is prepared or procured from vendors. This product is dispatched to the branches from the central or regional hub, which when received is reconciled and acknowledged. At the branch, the product is either used internally or given to field officers for further issuance to the customer. This system tracks this entire journey of the product basis the unique reference number assigned to it. On reaching a minimum threshold, the system computes and generates a reorder list which is put for approval using a preconfigured approval matrix. iOMS is portal based system which provides visibility to users at multiple levels. Some of the other features include configurable ordering windows with automated reminders, budget head allocation for visibility and control and budget revisions only post special approvals. Moreover, theplatform is equipped with business analytics feature and inventory-based automation. The platform also displays MIS and reports, and a delivery can be tracked right from source to destination. Lastly, with presence across multiple states, our clients also enjoy logistics benefits.