Secure Print Solutions

Handling sensitive customer data provided from core systems and generating relevant output, be it print, email, web, mobile, which meets the ever-changing needs of today’s customers, are solved with our solutions in this space. In this disrupted world, secure data solutions need new-age thinking and smarter means that are ahead of time. The rules of the game are changing and we have been a consistent front runner in developing new methods and technologies basis our history of craft.

Today’s threats require attention to data in transit and end-point devices on the network. It also addresses potentially vulnerable areas in your data security. While businesses today have well-established firewalls and cyber security policies within the organisation and we being your service provider ensure that we are equipped with best-in-class security policies implemented within our organisation.

When it comes to confidential information, it’s important to ensure that only authorised users have access to sensitive documents. Secure printing can be a challenge to set up and maintain with the high amount of risk involved. We adopt stringent security measures through both print hardware and software to ensure data security in a way that ensures complete control over when and where items are printed, and more importantly, by whom.

At Seshaasai, Secure Print is a way of life in terms of technology, processes and environment to keep data, staff and clients safe.

We have deployed state-of-the-art technology to build a robust secure framework with each of our establishments connected to each other with a dedicated, secure high bandwidth data connectivity, which ensures elimination of redundancy and seamless transfer. Our solutions are designed to deliver speed, innovation, stability, security and ease of use.