Technology capability

Post print fulfillment

Auto Insertion: To provide complete solutions to customers in different areas, Seshaasai has installed inserting machines of Bell-n-Howell for automated insertions of statements, mailers and other direct mailers. These machines are programmed for data integrity checks to ensure that the right statement goes to the right customer for auto insertion, machine-made envelopes are required which are manufactured in-house.

Web Finishing solutions: Seshaasai has been able to add value to printed paper webs by transforming them into diverse and multi-functional communications through Hunkeler web finishing equipment. Some of the applications done through this equipment are integrated plastic cards, response cards, pressure seal mailers etc.

Franking solutions: The last mile-posting being the most important step in the total delivery chain, Seshaasai has franking licences at almost all its locations with Pitney Bowes franking machines to ensure that the last mile is effectively and efficiently completed.