Technology capability

Contingency, outage detection and disaster recovery

The disaster recovery plan in broadly controlled by the customer requirements. It varies on the criticality of the activity and the nature of the process. A typical plan has following details –

  • All business rules and software resources
  • Courier allocation
  • Old & new templates
  • MIS reports

These details are available with the targeted disaster recovery site. The team there is trained on the end-to-end process in case of an eventuality. Typically TAT’s for such DRP plans are defined as an exception to the otherwise normally measured TAT benchmarks.

For some customers a BCP drill is done once in a month and for some other once in a quarter. This is based on the commercial factoring of such activities in the original contract.

Incase of a BCP drill, customers normally pay 1.50-1.75 times the original cost in the parent SLA. The recovery time could be anything from 12-48 hours depending upon the stationery stock maintained at the back-up site as per customer’s instructions.

Typically this stationery is held at the back-up site at customer’s cost only and incase of a need arising to shred the stationery for creative variants, customer bears the cost for the same.