ISO certifications

Standards make an enormous and positive contribution to most aspects of our lives. Standards ensure desirable characteristics of products and services such as quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability - and at an economical cost.

When products and services meet our expectations, we tend to take this for granted and be unaware of the role of standards. However, when standards are absent, we soon notice. We soon care when products turn out to be of poor quality, do not fit, are incompatible with equipment that we already have, are unreliable or dangerous.

When products, systems, machinery and devices work well and safely, it is often because they meet standards. The organization responsible for many thousands of the standards which benefit the world is ISO - International Organization for Standardization.

ISO certification is issued to companies who apply and undergo required training, get their facility inspected, staff examined, processes audited, visited & reviewed at regular intervals and regularly keep following the practices listed under ISO norms. This ensures that the company maintains ideal standards for the products & services it offers.