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Warehousing and distribution services

From our logistics centre, we offer you the latest technology and best solutions in terms of storage and handling, from the moment products arrive until they are ready for transport to the end user, dealer or distributor or your branches.

We offer Warehousing solutions at 9 major cities of the country.

Our knowledge, efficiency and flexibility when it comes to storage is the basis for the quality we offer you. It includes unloading of containers, sorting and stacking on pallets, product control and reporting. We follow-up, measure and improve our processes in order to provide the most cost-effective and reliable service for our customers.

City State Zone Remarks
Mumbai Maharashtra West 15 miles from JNPT port
Pune Maharashtra West 60 miles from JNPT port
Ahmedabad Gujarat West 210 miles from Mundra port
Jaipur Rajasthan North West 4 Hours from National Capital Delhi
Delhi Delhi North National Capital
Kolkata West Bengal East 150 miles from Haldia port
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh South Equi-distant from Vishakapatnam and Chennai ports (approximately 360 miles)
Chennai Tamil Nadu South 5 miles from Chennai port
Bengaluru Karnataka South 150 miles from Mangalore port