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Loyalty management services

Ask any marketer, and he will likely tell you that building loyal customers and maximizing customer lifetime value is a critical goal. Often, the problem for marketers is understanding how to effectively create and launch customer loyalty management (CLM) programs. After identifying the stakeholders as also the team members involved in the successful implementation of the loyalty program it is critically important that the communication material that is created is attractive to generate response. It is also imperative that necessary measurements which include soft measures, like brand tracker markers, and hard measures, like conversion rates and purchase frequency are understood and content created which would ensure engaging customers through intelligent context and boosted performance through continuous improvement.

Various industries like the Retail, Food and Beverage, Aviation as also the Banking, Insurance and Telecom are pressed with the need to retain their customer and hence build a loyalty program around this need. Competitive offers are giving the customer a wider choice. In such environments it is critical that the programs developed are engaging and build a continuous need to come back.

Seshaasai would work very closely with your marketing, customer service and retention teams to understand the problem statement and develop programs that would suit your need. We have the software and technology capability to ensure that these loyalty programs are run effectively with adequate tracking mechanisms. We also include analytics into our solutions that aid in quick decision making and course corrections during the process.

We can also help create the Loyalty Kit which includes the loyalty card, welcome letter, offers, scratch card, etc.