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Kit fulfillment services

Sourcing each element from different vendors and collating them proves to be laborious task for the kit issuing organization. Production of all elements under one roof reduces the requirement of complex coordination, ensures outsourcing fulfillment and allows companies to reduce the warehousing cost. We are the one point of contact for your kits.

In case of a new account opened by a customer, there are multiple deliverables that are required to be dispatched to the said customer. Due to security and regulatory reasons, these are sent separately. Such a modus operandi has cost implications as well as customer convenience issues. With the current target segment of clients, clients would like to have all deliverables instantly delivered across the counters with adequate safeguards.

Seshaasai has developed a special application to handle production and collation of kits with various components such as covering letter, statement, plastic card, pin mailer, user guide, information booklets, product leaflets and marketing collaterals etc. These components would differ depending on customer’s industry and requirements. The entire process happens in a very high secured environment with strict inventory and quality control. The system can track the staff involved at every stage till the dispatch of the kit inventory. A specific work area is demarcated and in most cases is monitored by an officer housed in our premises.

Having one of the best production capabilities to produce all the elements required in an ideal kit, we can reduce your burden by not only producing all the elements under one roof but also by providing fulfillment services so that you have the final product delivered to you.