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Data security solutions

Seshaasai as a company always focused on speed, innovation, stability, security and ease of use. Based on these important cornerstones, a framework of security solutions was built using state of the art technology.

Being the pioneer in India for security printing, transactional and other solution offering for more than a decade, the core software development team has been developing and delivering ‘In house custom security software applications’ for managing valuable data of its own and its customers.

It has implemented the latest industry standard firewall (hardware) and user / role based software for protecting data from security breach and other threats from its print environment.

It has developed a credential based data leakage protection network module (encryption / decryption tool) to protect data in transit. It uses 4 parameters to protect data i.e. user, machines, data type (entity) and time. Seshaasai use this DLP network module to encrypt data; encrypted data can be decrypted only by authorised user on specific machines for specific data type for a limited time frame.

The Customer communication management solution (print application) used by Seshaasai to cater various niche requirements of its customer has a native symmetric security module which is being used to secure data within the workflow and the data will be secured till the time application generates multi-channel presentments and later the files gets deleted. This process ensures that during entire processing, data in all the intermediate stages remains secured.

Seshaasai empowers its authorized professionals with its advance CCM solution which generates print ready files which is in encrypted print native format. These files can be spooled only through the application within a specified time window on pre-designated printers. Files are automatically purged after spooling. It also has capability to embrace 3rd party security algorithms and libraries for seamless integration in its workflow.