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Data entry

Seshaasai offers image based data entry solutions to its customers. Data entry through physical documents is also undertaken.

Seshaasai has designed an indigenous workflow solution that takes care of this activity. This solution has multiple features that aids error free data entry and process. Some of the features are listed below –

  • Multiple masters to automate control and validate data entry.
  • Field wise zoning in the application form from where the data needs to be captured.
  • Multiple areas of the same application can be zoned or mapped to a single field, this helps in making the data entry process more efficient and robust.
  • Selective display of menu options based on user roles.
  • Data encryption / decryption solutions available.
  • Intelligent validations built to reduce data entry errors.
  • Electronic tagging facilities to highlight specific fields to customers to validate data capture errors.
  • Double data entry for every application / form.
  • Verification facility to correct miss-matches between both the entries.
  • User segregation based on experience helps in earmarking HNI applications or special products only to experienced Data entry operators.
  • On-line link to customer’s main frame system to manage duplication checks (De-Dup checks), similar links helps in data validation and calculation of premiums, pay outs etc.
  • On-line links to customer’s main frame systems also help in retrieving past data for the same customer to help in address cleaning, better customer servicing and to reduce or avoid duplication.
  • MIS to show operator performance, field wise and operator wise errors.
  • A dashboard view to the customers to know the pendency and performance.
  • A dashboard view to the Supervisors to help them manage the processes better.
  • Multi-lingual data entry facility offered.
  • Web based systems to facilitate data entry from multiple locations but through central database.