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Campaign management services

Our campaign management services coupled with data mining and CRM services help our customers to deliver timely, pertinent and coordinated messages and value propositions (offers or gifts) to customers and prospects.

The main features of these services are –

  • The software manages and monitors customer communication, behavior, spends across multiple touch-points such as direct mail, call centers, customer service feedback and reports, point of sales, interactive Web etc.
  • The software automates and integrates the planning, execution, assessment and refinement of possibly tens to thousands of highly segmented campaigns that run monthly, weekly, daily or intermittently. The software can also run campaigns with multiple communication points, triggered by time or customer behavior such as specific spends or any other data trigger.

Combining data mining and campaign management

The closer data mining and campaign management software works together, the better the business results. Campaign management software uses the scores generated by data mining models to sharpen the focus on targeted customers and prospects thereby increasing response rates and campaign effectiveness.