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Call centre support & query desk

As part of the back office support to its customers, Seshaasai offers call centre support and query desk services. Teams trained in calling etiquettes and sound operational knowledge are deployed to provide the finest experience to its customers.

The teams have on-line access to the Work flow systems to enable them to get a bird's eye view along with micro-view on all records in the system. The workflow system also helps the tele-call executive to get maximum information in one screen rather than having to surf multiple screens or applications to handle a query. Our IT specialists have regular interactions with the call-centre executives and the workflow modules are constantly upgraded to accommodate the requests from these executives.

The call centre and query desk teams have the following facilities –

  • On-line links to workflow systems
  • Call recording facilities
  • Complaint log modules
  • Investigation report update modules
  • MIS to show open cases