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Business process outsourcing

The young generation in India has taken to working in BPO’s just like a fish takes to water. Jobs were easily available, immediately after their basic education, free training was provided, adequate salary given and opportunities to learn and grow within the industry.

Seshaasai as part of its well thought of strategy established Rural BPO’s at 3 locations in the country. Located at Kolar and Chokkahalli (approximately 2 hours drive from Bengaluru International airport) and the third one at Hyderabad, these units handle almost 50% of the overall BPO operations at Seshaasai.

Why Rural BPO?

  • Less operating expenses compared to urban cities.
  • Affordable real estate.
  • Easily available untapped resources that can be trained at very short notice.
  • Very less labor turnover (5%) compared to the labor turnover in urban cities which stands at 25-30%.
  • An opportunity for the youth in Rural India to get exposed to the demands of the corporate world in Urban India.