Promotional material

Promotional materials are designed as communication tools which are expected to derive a desired outcome from the recipient. This makes it most difficult to produce as the skills required to achieve the desired results cannot be learnt in short duration. Printing an attractive promotional material is an art, which we have perfected with decades of experience in Printing. Seshaasai goes beyond the designer’s expectations, supplementing it with entire range of special effect techniques, making promotional material lively and attractive to the consumers.

Seshaasai produces all types of promotional materials including Brochures, Leaflets, Fliers, Posters, Inserts and Catalogues, etc. for a diverse range of customers ranging from freelance designers to multimillion dollar corporate giants in Banking and Finance, Telecom, Retail to Universities. The large variety of printing and post press options available with us, allow our customers to experiment with various visual and tactile effects to provide just the correct fillip to their designs. Seshaasai has learnt these skills by working very closely with different set of customers, including the well known advertisement agencies. We continue this journey of learning by investing in new software and related technologies to keep up with the challenges of evolving needs.