Personalized calendars

This is something that is more than just our forte. We present to you Personalized Calendars. These special calendars would have the name of your customers embedded as a part of the image in every page of the calendar.

The process of making Personalized calendars requires customers to select images from Seshaasai’s image bank and provide us with the names and database to whom they want to send these calendars. The finishing of these calendars is completed and are packed, dispatched and delivered as per the customers’ requirements.

These calendars can be customized upto the extent of highlighting date of birth, marriage anniversary or payment reminder dates of your customers and can also be designed as per certain concepts or themes.

It can always be modified to suit the customer’s budget, we can modify the size and yet maintain the aesthetics of the product. This product will surely find its place on your desk and draw the attention of a number of your visitors.