Loyalty statements & cards

In today's competitive market, every corporate is vying for that extra mindshare of the consumer. To this effect they run Loyalty programs to engage and get the customer locked in into their fold. Loyalty programs are run by various retail chains, telecom service providers, auto manufacturers, consumer goods manufacturers and other Service Providers to engage with their customers more effectively. The programs are usually facilitated with the help of loyalty cards which store the customer and his purchase information thereby sending monthly or quarterly statements indicating the transactions and the cumulative points gathered by the consumer.

Card kits having plastic cards like the ones provided by retail and loyalty companies contain a large number of elements like statement, user guide, information booklets, product leaflets etc. along with the card. Sourcing each element from different vendors and collating them proves to be laborious task for the card issuing organization.

Having one of the best production capabilities to produce all the elements in a card kit, we can reduce your burden by not only producing all the elements under one roof but also by providing fulfillment services so that you have the final product delivered to you.