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We work with leading institutions in the country that have initiated a visible change in the way education is imparted in the country through personal touch enabling children to learn with understanding.

We manage the entire back office operations, printing, and logistical services for these institutions so that they can do what they know best i.e. to help students use education as a tool to help them in all their endeavours during their lifetime.

We offer the following services –
  • Admissions management process which includes personalized prospectus
  • Admissions forms printing and scanning with upload into the core ERP of the university of institute
  • Text books and course material printing including mix and match
  • Printing of question booklets, OMR answer sheets, instruction booklets etc for schools and governmental bodies
  • Managing logistics to ensure the question booklets, answer sheets and other communication reach the schools just before the examination dates
  • Scanning of OMR answer sheets, intelligent validating tools to evaluate the performance of students, redirect suspect cases to manual e-quality checks
  • Printing of result booklets for the student, class, school and packing them class wise.
  • Marksheets processing and printing as also final certificate printing with secure logic built in
  • Results publishing managing logistics to reach the results to respective schools within specified time frame
  • Records management for future retrieval and verification
Other services offered to Government sector under the education category
  • Printing of textbooks for various state governments in the country
  • Printing of OMR answer sheets for competitive examinations conducted by state government