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Seshaasai offers the following solutions for the Banking industry:
- Security printing solutions
- Customer communication management solutions

Security printing solutions
Personalized cheque books

As per the new CTS 2010 guidelines, all banks in India have to adopt to a uniform design and security standard. Personalized cheque books benefits bank in various ways

  • Decongestion at the branches with centralized dispatch & logistics
  • Automated clearing and account debits due to account details on MICR code line
  • Inbuilt fraud prevention safeguard as cheque book has been produced for a specific account number

Seshaasai offers an end-to-end support and services from data generation, cheque series maintenance, cheque book printing and logistics as well as reverse feed files for CRM updation.

Various customers brand and design segmented products basis which a bank would have multiple cheque book designs. With all facilities to produce cheque books and allied services under one roof, we are considered as the Numero Uno player in this space.

Non-personalized cheque books

Certain banks are still utilizing conventional cheque books for their rural branches. Even some of the new age banks do stock non- personalized cheque books at their branches for handling emergency customer request. This product is slowly getting phased out of the Indian banking operations.

Demand Drafts / Pay Orders

These instruments are also produced as per CTS 2010 guidelines and by the nature of the transaction they have to be designed and produced with a higher degree of security. Seshaasai has developed a specialized portal to handle branch indents, series maintenance, MIS and dispatch update.

Deposit receipts FDR / GDR / TDR

Seshaasai offers bulk stock and dispatch solutions for these products. There is a proper system for inventory management and minimum re-order level based on the SLA with the bank. For certain banks we also provide personalized data printed FDR memos and dispatch these to the account holders directly.

Share / Bond certificates and dividend / Interest warrants

Our special focus on this product segment on printing personalized Interest and Dividend warrants in bulk quantities for RTA’s and banks. The challenge in this product is the high security required in the production process as the cheques are pre-signed. We have developed special encryption and masking tools to ensure an end-to-end process integrity.

Continuous stationery and business forms

We have created a very niche infrastructure for the quickest turn-around-times (TAT’s) in the industry for corporate client requirements of their bulk customized cheque requirements. We have evolved a special archival system with client artworks to ensure that repeat orders do not go through the entire approval chain

all over again, this becomes critical for corporate. Customers as they re-order cheques in an almost stock out position. These are forms with vouchers, multi-color prints, duplicate copy collated, carbon-less paper requirements. The entire shop floor is system driven and we have a leadership position in this product segment.