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Asset management

With the volatile movements of equity markets in the last 2 decades, the average investor has a safe option in investing with asset management companies. The regulatory frameworks have also evolved to facilitate ease of use and flexibility in equity investments through the Asset management company (AMC) channel.

The industry is nascent in India with less than 8% of penetration and the regulatory agencies moving towards standardizing and centralizing KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER (KYC) norms and documentation.

With bench marking and centralization of customer acquisition this industry is poised for growth as the back end systems are scalable.

Over the last decade Seshaasai has been working with some of the leading asset management companies as well as the Registrars and Transfer Agencies (RTA’s) of AMC companies for handling the customer communication and compliance communication to the investors.

Mutual Fund Investor Communications

The industry has specific requirements in terms of data validation, consolidation and net asset value statement presentment. Hybrid communications have been evolved by Seshaasai which include combination of KYC and NAV statements. We have also innovated in presenting multi-folio, multi-scheme, multi-holder statements consolidated across a common key [Permanent Account Number (PAN)] for customer convenience as well as major GO GREEN and cost optimization initiatives.

Industry wide initiatives
  • Common account statements (CAS)
Unique industry wide solution offered with close monitoring by the regulators:

Seshaasai has been awarded the activity of industry wide SIP statement consolidation and dispatch by the regulator. This prestigious assignment was assigned to us after an elaborate evaluation and due diligence exercise across multiple service providers.

Our IT expertise specific to the AMC domain played a vital role in the phased implementation of the initiative and to ensure that there were no loose ends in the process mapping and execution. A specific web based user interface was made which facilitated secured data transfer, on-line specimen approval with AMC wise access and masking of confidential information and online MIS dashboard.

Common application forms (CAF)

Unique requirements of the industry are numbered forms of multiple scheme types bound in booklet forms along with summary information of the specific schemes. These are time bound and high volume jobs which are done on a regular frequency.

Seshaasai has worked with some of its clients to innovate the CAF forms with pre-printed personalized information to enhance customer convenience and increase the conversion. We have also combined CAF forms with IPO forms both of which have pre-populated data, with a covering letter and manage “end-to-end” for such campaigns until the dispatch.

Branch & RTA Fulfillment Services

With our pan-India presence, we have been servicing the AMC / RTA’s with data printed communication as well as offset printed collaterals to ably support the AMC branch offices and investor contact centers of the RTA’s PAN-India.